Keeping Girls Engaged

As the majority of our day-to-day communication has moved to virtual it can be hard to stay engaged. As the days continue on it becomes increasingly difficult to motivate ourselves and those around us to stay productive and attentive. So how do you keep your Girl Scout engaged in activities after a long day of working from home? Well GSHPA is here to help!  

So let’s start by talking about activities! It can be difficult to find something to do, so check out this list of things to keep in mind!  

Girl Focused:  

  • Ensure girls get a say in activities! If the girls help pick and plan activities they will be more engaged!  
  • Keep in mind some girls might not have reliable digital access or might be tired from long day in front of screens – consider mixing up your activities to include moving around, hands-on, or offline DIYs!    

Keeping Girl Engaged:

  • Use secure and easy to use vendors/sites 
  • Avoid sharing personal information – both your own and your troops’  
  • Ensure you have permission from all families before posting any pictures online 
  • Avoid opening attachments or links from unknown sources  
  • Inform adults of activities live and recorded so they can be responsible for their girls’ online safety at home   

Make Time for Fun:

  • It is important to plan time for fun! Don’t be afraid to have your girls get up and moving during your virtual meeting! We recommend trying scavenger hunts, game nights, etc.  
  • Explore existing programs  – check out all the amazing programs & events coming up at GSHPA on our events calendar
  • Explore at home activities – check out our list of “At Home” activities and resources.   
  • Virtual Field Trips & Activities – many organizations and places are offering virtual field trips and activities! Try checking out all the amazing places you can visit with your troop virtually! 

Now that you have some activities in mind, let’s talk about how to plan a successful virtual Girl Scout Troop Meeting! Check out our recommendations:  

  • Welcome  
  • Troop Business 
  • Information – Explain Activities  
  • Get Up and Moving!  
  • Create – Make Something!  
  • Closing  

We hope these ideas and resources helped you plan for your next Girl Scout meeting! What are you doing to keep your troop engaged? Please let us know in the comments!  

Post by Rebekah Stefl

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