In Her Words

It’s important that we listen to our Girl Scout voices.

Janet Donovan, President and CEO, GSHPA

They have a lot to say, a lot of really good information. When I get to hear their stories, whether it’s about the hundreds who have completed their Bronze or Silver projects, the dozens who fought through the work of their Gold Award projects, or those who have a love of the outdoor programming and entrepreneurship efforts, it’s important that we listen, that we hear them and that we share their most important stories.  

At Girl Scouts in Heart of Pennsylvania, we are more than 13,000 voices strong. Our girls help craft our message, our programs and our leadership. They are our future voices.

When GSHPA started this blog last fall, our purpose was to share our voices and tell the stories in our council that mattered. We have done a good job, but we continually need to shift our efforts to make sure we are reaching those who need to hear us.

We also need to listen.

This week, our blog launches our “In Her Words” series, which encapsulates the various Girl Scout voices in our council. We are highlighting Girl Scouts from all areas of our GSHPA footprint. Starting tomorrow and for the rest of this week we will be posting a new blog post written by our Girl Scouts. Please take a read, and better yet, share their voices on your social media channels. The further the reach, the greater the impact.  

Our Girl Scouts are proud of their work and what they have accomplished. They are learning important lessons through their work within our Council.

We plan to continue this series each month, highlighting the stories and information that matters to them. We know that you will enjoy hearing from them.

It’s their stories.

We are listening.

Janet Donovan

President and CEO

Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania

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