What “Various” means for a new day, a new year

By Cathy Hirko

A well-respected York editor that I used to work with would occasionally send the leadership team an email with very broad subject line: Various.

What that usually meant was an update for us, or wanting an update from us, on various loose ends. It was catch-all of sorts.

I’m going to steal that sentiment for this update. We have so many happenings as we start the new year, that I felt a “various” post fit the billing. Please, read on.

Last day to sign up for our Virtual Volunteer Conference

Today is the last day to sign up for our Virtual Volunteer Conference, (or VVC if you are in the know!). This event on Saturday is going to be a fantastic event filled with sessions that will help those who want to help our Girl Scouts thrive. New leaders, programs, support, outdoor, service units and product program workshop sessions are all a part of this jam-packed event.

Register here for more details.

I know some really great, hard-working members, staff and volunteers at GSHPA have been working hard to make this program a success and worthwhile for those wishing to attend and learn more. So, postpone that grocery-store trip, binge-watch your shows later in the afternoon and forget the gym until Mondayh. Join us tomorrow morning when doors open at 8:30 a.m.

Back to Girl Scout Camp

What? It’s time to register for camp? Soon, very soon.

Registration for the public begins on Feb. 1 and I know that summer sessions will fill up quickly. The GSHPA outdoor team is very excited about what our four properties will have to offer. We have day camp, family camp, resident camp, counselor-in-training camp and even more! I know, this is so, so exciting. 🙂

We have a great one-stop-informational page that guides you through the process. Check it out. Remember, public registration begins on Feb. 1, and that’s only a few weeks from now.

January programs? Yes, please

Our mix of virtual and in-person programming for January is hopping-busy (my fun term for super-fun busy). Check them out here. It’s a wonderful way to stay busy, try new activities and stay active during the heart of the winter season.

Cookies, Cookies, and more Cookies

Our popular season had a digital kickoff in December and in-person selling began on last week. Again, we make it super easy to find cookies, and if you need further help, please reach out to member services, memberservices@gshpa.org

Yum. That is all.

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