Her creative pallete? Metal and a plasma cutter

By Cathy Hirko

Metal, welding and art. These three words normally are NOT included in one sentence, but they most definitely describe the creative outlet of Rae Ripple.

A national television series last fall launched the Texas mom of two in the spotlight for her work, and in a field not likely to be populated with a ton of women.

But like most women who follow their passions — we see them everyday in the faces of our Girl Scouts, our troop leaders and the countless volunteers who make our Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania (GSHPA) chapter sing — Ripple found what she loved to do and worked at it. Persistence and practice have contributed to her excellent creative career in the welding arts.

Ripple became well known in her field after Netflix premiered “Metal Shop Masters” in September 2021. She was a part of seven talented welders to take part in the competition series.

From Netflix to York County, Ripple will be sharing her advice as part of Women in Construction (WIC) Week that is being held by the local southcentral chapter of The National Association of Women in Construction. Her visit is part of a number of events the chapter is hosting.

Part of our mission at Girl Scouts is to share some of the important events being held in our network, especially ones that speak to GSHPA. Our own programs help build independence, and introduce girls to opportunities they might not have known existed. Our girl-only environment provides fun opportunities to explore and grow.

According to her background, Ripple had an extraordinary, tough upbringing. She persevered and fought for her future. She kind of stumbled into her welding work and discovered her passion. After countless hours of practice, it paid off.

Netflix came a knocking.

If you’re interested in seeing Rae Ripple in action:

Rallying with Rae Ripple: Overcoming Adversity & Finding Your Passion

March 8, 4-6 p.m.

York County School of Technology Fieldhouse

Register for the event now.

Cathy Hirko is the Marketing and Communications Director for Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania. Reach her by email at chirko@gshpa.org.

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