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By Catherine Amoriello

EDITOR’S NOTE (March 11, 2022) Because of the predicted snowstorm for March 12, several Mega Drop events have been postponed. Please refer to this document for any updates.

FACT CORRECTION (March 11, 2022) Cookie booths will be open beginning March 12.

(Original blog post from March 9, 2022)

The wait for Girl Scout Cookies is almost over as we near Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania’s (GSHPA) annual Girl Scout Cookie Mega Drop on March 12! The Mega Drop is no small, spur-of-the-moment event but rather a carefully crafted machine that moves thousands of cookies to troops across GSHPA’s 30-county footprint.

Girl Scout loads Girl Scout Cookies into car.
Volunteers within GSHPA’s 30-county footprint will come from far and wide to pick up their cookies at this year’s Mega Drop distribution event.

The Mega Drop involves multiple GSHPA staff members and volunteers who are stationed at various distribution locations. With an event this large and complex we know you’ve got questions, and lucky for you, we’ve got answers.


What is the Girl Scout Cookie Mega Drop?

The Mega Drop is an all-day distribution event where Girl Scout Troops stop at a distribution site near them to collect cookies to provide to their customers.

Where does the Mega Drop take place?

Mega Drops take place at several locations within GSHPA’s footprint. Locations include Parks Warehouse in Harrisburg, Susquehanna Mall in Selinsgrove, PNC Field in Scranton and York Water Company (Mount Rose location) in York.

When is the Mega Drop?

This year’s Mega Drop will be held on March 12 and begin at 9 a.m. at all distribution locations. All Mega Drops will run until 2 p.m., excluding the York location which will remain active until 3 p.m.

How many boxes of cookies get distributed at the Mega Drop?

This year, almost 404,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies will be distributed to troops across GSHPA’s 30-county footprint!

Can I come watch the Mega Drop in action?

Yes! The public and media is welcome to witness the amazing endeavors of the Mega Drops in real time at any of the distribution locations. Additionally, the “That’s What Cheese Said” food truck will be providing delicious food for purchase at the York location from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If Girl Scout Cookies are being distributed on March 12, when will I receive the cookies that I ordered?

If you ordered cookies within the initial order time frame (between Jan. 6 and Feb. 6), your cookies will be in Girl Scout hands by the end of the day on March 12! After March 12 you can reach out to the Girl Scout you ordered cookies from to inquire about the status of your order and delivery.

Oh snap – I just realized I haven’t bought any Girl Scout Cookies yet! Can I still buy cookies?

Of course you can! You can purchase your favorite Girl Scout Cookies using the Girl Scout Cookie Finder. Through the Cookie Finder, you’ll easily find where cookie-selling booths are being established in your local area and when booths will be open. Booths will be open starting March 18 and cookies will be available for purchase until April 17. Customers can also find troop links to order online.

I personally don’t need any cookies, but I want to help the cause! Is there any way I can make a donation of some sort to the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

Absolutely! In addition to buying cookies for yourself you can also donate cookies online to Operation Gratitude and help GSHPA reach its goal of donating 50,000 packages to military members at home and overseas.

GSHPA Mega Drop History

The annual Mega Drop was established at GSHPA in 2019, making it a relatively new event for the council. While GSHPA has always distributed cookies, volunteers often had to find time during the work week to pick up their cookies which could make for a stressful experience for girls, volunteers and GSHPA staff alike.

Girl Scout Cookies.
Almost 404,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies will be distributed at GSHPA’s 2022 Mega Drop.

When Jess Delp, GSHPA Director of Product Program and Retail, learned about the philosophy of Mega Drop at a product program conference in 2018, she discovered a way to distribute cookies in a less stressful (and dare we say more fun?) way. Cookie distribution evolved from a week-long mad dash into a well-organized, single-day event that allows the council to deliver cookies in a more convenient way to majority of the Service Units.

“I love it [Mega Drop] because my goal is to always make things easier for the volunteers. They already give so much of their time and energy to Girl Scouts all year long. To be able to offer deliveries on a Saturday and get so many cookies in the hands of our troops and members is awesome,” Delp said. “The more we can support our girls and volunteers in their cookie endeavors, the better.”

P.S. – Stay tuned for our next blog post on March 12 which will provide LIVE updates from all four of our Mega Drop distribution sites!

Catherine Amoriello is a Marketing and Communications Coordinator specializing in writing and editing for Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania. Reach her by email at

2 thoughts on “Your one-stop shop for all things Mega Drop”

  1. This says that booths begin on March 18th but all of our other information says March 12th. Which is the correct date for the start of cookie booths? Thanks, Suzanne Tischer


    1. Hi Suzanne –

      Thank you for commenting! You are correct – cookie booths will begin March 12. We apologize for the error and will add an editor’s note with the correct date.

      GSHPA Blog Team


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