Perry Media Group’s Marcia Perry Dix shows girls, women what’s possible with perseverance

A marketing and public relations company founder in Dauphin County proves unshakeable in her entrepreneurial pursuits.

By Catherine Amoriello

Throughout her 28-year entrepreneurship journey, Marcia Perry Dix has been told “no” a lot. But she didn’t let the naysayers keep her from her dream of establishing Perry Media Group (PMG) and building her marketing, public relations and advertising empire.

Marcia Perry Dix, founder and CEO of Perry Media Group (PMG).

Dix founded her company in 2014 and has served as principal for eight years. She oversees strategic marketing direction for every client, relationship and project that comes through PMG’s doors, and she considers maintaining her personal brand an additional work responsibility.

“I’m representing myself, my family, girls, black women and women of color. You have to uphold a positive image for your community,” Dix said.

Dix is hyper focused on serving the community through her company, seeking to create a positive impact and uplift others. She describes her work as projects with a purpose – from tobacco-use, to opioid awareness, to diabetes prevention, Dix said PMG is an ad agency that brings hard conversations to the community to help better the lives of its inhabitants.

“We work on campaigns that are culturally competent and help the community be better residents of PA. Everyone’s battling something,” Dix said.

Dix’s love of helping others is clear in the work PMG produces, the companies she works with and the people she invites on staff. Dix purposefully supports minority and women-owned businesses, and she established the Mom Squad at PMG as a support system for working moms at her company who sought an opportunity to experience entrepreneurship as individuals, not as a corporation.

In addition to the support she provides through the Mom Squad, Dix has mentored many young women throughout her career. She believes it is her responsibility to pass on what she’s learned to others so they can continue the work.

“I give them my time, my love and my support and it has been amazing to see some of the people I’ve mentored throughout my career grow and do amazing things with their lives,” Dix said.

“We believe in our dream so much that nothing can shake us.”

Marcia perry dix, founder and CEO of Perry Media group (PMG)

Dix preaches consistency and storytelling are key to being a successful entrepreneur/business woman, and that you must find ways to reinvent or upgrade your product or service to keep it fresh. She also identified good listening skills, communication skills, grace under pressure, and kindness and a warm tone as traits that have helped her find success in the field. But most importantly, she said aspiring entrepreneurs have to be OK with starting on the bottom and learning the ropes to work their way up.

“I moved to Hershey 17 years ago. I went to every event. I shook as many hands as I possibly could. I got on as many boards as I could. I did a lot of work in the community at no charge,” Dix said of the hustling she had to do to get where she is now.

So yes, Dix got told “no” a lot more than she was told yes while pursuing her dream of owning her own business. But with determination, perseverance, hard work and patience, Dix proved the grind is worth it to finally hear that one “yes.”

“You have to be all in. I believe in myself so much, I believe in what I’m saying. Every no I get, I’m closer to the yes. When I win, everyone will win.”

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Catherine Amoriello is a Marketing and Communications Coordinator specializing in writing and editing for Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania. Reach her by email at

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