Five reasons why GSHPA is excited to partner with ABC Bakers for the 2023 Cookie Season

By Catherine Amoriello

The sweetest time of the year is nearly here and Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania (GSHPA) is thrilled to partner with ABC Bakers for the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Season! The new partnership will bring exciting changes for our upcoming Girl Scout Cookie Program. Read on to learn the top five reasons why GSHPA is looking forward to working with ABC to bring beloved Girl Scout Cookies to its customers.

#1 Troops will receive additional troop proceeds.

GSHPA troops will be able to keep more of the funds they work so hard to earn through their Cookie Sale. In 2023 troops can expect to earn more per cookie box, allowing girls to save more money to fund their Girl Scout adventures.

#2 ABC provides user-friendly tech for girls and volunteers.

GSHPA Girl Scouts and volunteers will use ABC’s cookie management system Smart Cookies. The system is incredibly user-friendly and offers 24/7 technical support. Smart Cookies will help girls take their business beyond the booth through personalized cookie sites and assist volunteers in tracking orders, finances, booth locations, and more.

#3 New cookie varieties will be available to customers.

GSHPA Girl Scouts, volunteers, and customers will get to enjoy new cookie flavors sold exclusively by ABC: refreshing Lemonades, French toast-inspired Toast-Yay! and gluten-free Caramel Chocolate Chip! These new cookies will join our lineup of customer-favorites including Thin Mints, Adventurefuls, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, and Trefoils (plus the new Girl Scout Cookie Raspberry Rally!).

#4 Cookies will be closer to home.

With a distribution center in the middle of GSHPA’s council footprint, ABC is already a part of our Pennsylvania community. Knowing GSHPA Girl Scout Cookies will be distributed from the heart of our home state will make them taste that much sweeter.

#5 ABC cares about GSHPA members!

ABC is equally excited about partnering with GSHPA! They have a dedicated Smart Cookies tech support team available 24/7 to provide assistance to volunteers, girls, and families for all things Smart Cookies. With more than eight decades of experience helping drive sustainable cookie program growth, ABC is eager to help GSHPA’s Girl Scouts hit their goals and have a successful 2023 Cookie Season!

GSHPA’s Cookie Season begins Jan. 5, 2023. For more information about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, visit the our Cookie Seller and Cookie Volunteer webpages.

Catherine Amoriello is a Marketing and Communications Coordinator specializing in writing and editing for Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania. Reach her by email at


  1. Who receives the cookies under “cookie share”? I cannot locate anywhere on the website who the recipients are. Something that is useful information to those making donations.


    • Hi Helena – thank you for your question! GSHPA is currently working on confirming the organization cookies will be donated to this year, but donations will ultimately be going to servicemen and women. We anticipate confirming this information in the near future and will update our website accordingly.


  2. Please go back to the other bakers (Little Brownie Bakers). These ABC cookies are subpar. They taste like cardboard. I should just eat the box. I love to support the GS, but this new brand of cookie is unacceptable.


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