GSHPA and PA American Water to make big splash with new water resource patch program

By Catherine Amoriello

(From left to right) Pennsylvania American Water’s Marcus Kohl, director of water quality and environmental compliance, and Kristi English, source water protection lead for eastern Pennsylvania, award Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania’s Lutricia Eberly, chief membership officer, with a $10,000 grant to encourage girls to expand their knowledge about water resources.

We use water every day – from watering gardens, to washing our dishes, to taking a refreshing dip in the pool! But do you know where all that water comes from?

Girl Scouts are invited to learn more about water sources in their community through the “We Keep Water Flowing” patch program brought to GSHPA by Pennsylvania American Water. Through the program, girls will learn how they can protect their local water sources and explore careers in the water industry.

Keeping it girl-led, participants will work through the program individually and choose activities that meet their interests and available resources. The program aligns with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) to achieve the following goals:

  • Discover: Seek opportunities to learn about the wide world of water.
  • Connect: Collaborate with others to expand water knowledge.
  • Take Action: Do something to help protect water sources.

“Our ‘We Keep Water Flowing’ patch program will help Girl Scouts connect real world water processes and issues to their daily lives by encouraging girls to participate in activities such as touring their local water treatment plant, hiking along a river or stream, and meeting and learning from women who work in the water utility business. All of the activities are designed to teach young people where their water comes from and the importance of water in their lives,” said Marcus Kohl, director of water quality and environmental compliance for Pennsylvania American Water.

“We are so excited for this partnership with Pennsylvania American Water to bring more environmental education to our Girl Scouts. This patch program is so much more than a collection of fun water activities – it’s an opportunity for children, parents, and community members to learn how our actions have a direct impact on one of our most important resources,” said Lutricia Eberly, GSHPA Chief Membership Officer.

After completing all necessary steps within their Girl Scout level for the program, girls can request their PA American Water patch! Patches will be mailed on a rolling basis beginning March 1, 2023.

Catherine Amoriello is a Marketing and Communications Coordinator specializing in writing and editing for Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania. Reach her by email at

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